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Since its establishment, SAJAYA has built on a solid foundation in Medical Care Services, demonstrating an excellent standard of service. Today we make on our success by diversifying our scope of services to include Diagnostics, Preventive Health Screening tests and the Home Health Care.

Our guiding principle is to continuously strive for excellence while going above and beyond to meet your optimized preventive health care requirements. Offering the most up-to-date technologies and superior healthcare services across clinics and laboratories, we are reshaping healthcare and contributing to the national vision.



Latest Offers

Comprehensive and specialized health packages designed specifically for you to improve your health and keep pace with your lifestyle —Designed with great care by a specialized medical team; To provide a comprehensive medical examination for early detection of symptoms, proactive prevention of diseases, and development of healthy lifestyle solutions to sustain wellness.


Specialized experience via online booking: E-health solutions within the SAJAYA network to assure customers ease of access to clinical and diagnostic services with a single click.


Empowering you to preserve life

Ahead of disease through our commitment to excellence in preventive healthcare. Offering a complete range of diagnostic, lifestyle medicine, and home health care services, all utilizing the latest technologies, best doctors, and world-class patterns for optimal health outcomes.
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Diagnostic Network

Together for healthy living

At SAJAYA, we are committed to accompanying you on your health journey. Through world-class radiology services using state-of-the-art technology and advanced machinery, along with high-quality, precise, fast, and efficient testing laboratories. we help you take control of your health and celebrate healthy living.

Radiology Scans

Advanced Laboratory Disease Detection

Family diseases​ genetics testing

Radiology Screening Programs

Cardiac Scans

Amyloid Scans for Alzheimer's Disease.

IR for Arterial Diabetic Foot Disease

Angiograms and Neuro Interventions

Early Detection of Tumors

LifeStyle Medicine & Specialiased Clinics

Premium medical care for a healthy lifestyle

SAJAYA provides individualized care to all our patients, allowing us to maintain quality medicine through an individual approach. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality health care to customers whenever and wherever they need it.

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Home Health Care Programme

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SAJAYA has created home health care packages for those who require more complex care than others. Home Health Care Programme is here to ensure the best health practices for their guests.

Post-Surgery Care Program

Post-Operative Care is the specialized care given to a patient who has recently undergone surgery and requires time and assistance to fully recover from the effects of the surgery.​

Fall Prevention Program

The program's goal is to increase participants' fall prevention knowledge and awareness, as well as to introduce them to steps they can take to reduce falls and improve their health.

Mother and Child Care Program

This program will establish an evidence-based framework of care designed to best support and nurture mother and baby.​

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Stroke rehabilitation is a series of therapies designed to help you relearn skills lost as a result of a stroke.

Our Partners

SAJAYA is divided into several business divisions, each of which is led by a Corporate Management Officer.


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Sajaya signs partnership with Bayer and Scientific & Medical Equipment House

Sajaya Medical Care Services has signed a partnership agreement with Bayer International, and Scientific and Medical Equipment House for radiological services. The partnership is the ...


SAJAYA and Siemens Healthineers has announced the signing of supply and partnership agreement to provide medical equipment and solutions for integrated diagnostic services and specialized ...


On 21st of October SAJAYA announced signing a strategic partnership between Etisalat Digital Saudi Arabia and SAJAYA Medical services to be the technology partner providing ...