Medical Imaging (MI)

Scoring Calcium

Coronary artery disease begins when fats, cholesterol and other substances, such as calcium, build up on the inner walls of the heart’s arteries. Over time, this plaque builds up inside the arteries, limits blood flow to the heart muscles, and can remain silent for a long time without symptoms.

Coronary calcium score is an important predictive tool for assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially for asymptomatic individuals, and contributes to the initiation of preventive treatment for those who need it.

Coronary calcium score is A computerized tomography (CT) scan of the heart helps the doctor to detect and measure calcified plaque – which contain calcium – in the coronary arteries.

The coronary calcium score has emerged as a powerful and widely available tool for grading cardiovascular disease risk, predicting outcomes, and guiding preventative treatment in asymptomatic individuals and has been recommended by several organizations. Sajaya is offering such examination and the high-end technology.