Sajaya 360 Clinic

In its mission to enhance the practice quality and awareness of lifestyle medicine, SAJAYA Medical Care continues to develop its methods to reach its goals of longevity, prevention medicine, and well-being.

360 Clinic

One of the most important practices of lifestyle medicine is looking at a person’s body and his health and psychological condition in a comprehensive and integrated manner. The relationship between the body, spirit, daily routine, and social relationships all form the lifestyle and human health.
In an indoor garden, surrounded by greeneries under the natural sunlight flowing through the skylight, with the sounds of water fountains, and on a comfy seat, accompanied by two consultant doctors in lifestyle medicine and psychiatry – When needed, a third consultant doctor specializing in cardiac diseases , brain and nerves, allergy, and others may be invited based on your family history – to comfortably discuss your health status, your dietary pattern, sports activities, and so on.
As the ideal practice of lifestyle medicine, the initial assessment for any patient is to have 45 min counseling session discussing all the daily activities of the client. This practice in medicine aims to look at the client as a whole and without any segmentation, taking into consideration how he/ she lives, sleeps, practices, and eats, and their psychological status.
The result is to have a clear medical plan for the client over one year, including his medications, test, clinical visits, and home healthcare visits. All such a plan would be supervised by a Case Account Manager from Sajaya, who will arrange all the needed appointments and follow ups with the client around the year.

The “case manager” will be responsible for following up with the client and update his/her calendar for the radiology, laboratory tests, homecare visits, vaccinations, and doctors’ visits. To ensure nailing the goals of prevention and well-being.