Lifestyle medicine Counselling Room 360

SAJAYA Medical care is adopting the mission to enhance the practice and awareness of the lifestyle medicine reaching the goals of longevity, prevention, and wellbeing.

As the ideal practice of lifestyle medicine initial assessment for any patient is to have 45 min counselling session discussing all day activity of the client. The aim of this practice in medicine is to look at the client without segmentation.

It takes in consideration how he/ she live, how he/she sleep, practice, eat, psychological status.

SAJAYA is providing a garden indoor seat with two MDs who are Consultants in their field, the two specialties including Lifestyle medicine and Psychiatry with different other specialties like neurology, cardiology and oncology based on the need.

The result is to have clear medical plan for the client over one year, including his medications, test, clinical visits, home healthcare visits. All such a plan would have our Case account Manager who is going to arrange all the needed and keep following the client around the year.

The “case manager” would be responsible to follow-up the client calendar in the radiology, laboratory tests, homecare visits, vaccinations, and doctors’ visits. And that to assure nailing the goals of prevention and wellbeing.