Medical Imaging (MI)

Alzhimer Disease (Azd) Scan (Amyloid Imaging)

This type of nuclear medicine scans (PET-CT scan) is used for diagnostic and preventive measures to early detect possibility of developing AZD. It has a very high specificity and sensitivity (90-95%) to measure the protein precipitation (Amyloid) in the brain and accordingly it gives a result in percentage of possibility to develop AZD in the coming 10 to 15 years. The professionals who read the PET scans and interpret the results are known as Molecular and PET-CT imagers, SAJAYA network are the only diagnostic centers who has the expertise and equipment in doing such type of exams.

The (Adult neurologists, dementia specialized doctors, and focus disorders) are founding the anatomical assessment to brain volume (using MRI only) is a too late investigation, as the anatomical changes considered a result which takes 4 to 5 years to happen after the early symptoms of AZD to happen.

We encourage people above 45 years old to start doing annual assessment for such type of disease and prevent the consequences AZD as soon as Amyloid abnormal precipitation detected. Functional assessment is the new HealthCare standards should be adopted.


New Heights In Preventive Health Care

Since it was established SAJAYA has built up a solid foundation in Medical Care Services, demonstrating an exquisite standard of service. Today we build on our success by extending our scope of service to include Diagnostic as well as Preventive Health Screening tests, targeting new heights by maintaining our renowned Level of service tackling critical cases in the fields of Genetics Lifestyle, Preimplantation, Premarital, Sexology, Cardiovascular, Mental health, and many others. We have overlaid our lead with cutting-edge technologies that we have introduced and consolidated to maximize the effect of pinpointing the potential physiological causes for a wide range of medical conditions.